Thursday, June 30, 2005

a generous orthodoxy: snooze

i tried, really.
i got halfway through it when i lost all steam. i fell over in a fuzzy, sweater like snooze.
i'll finish it over the holiday weekend.

my findings, so far: he's not crazy, i think some people don't understand what he means by 'postmodern' (remember, people, he's an ENGLISH PROFESSOR!), and i think the whole emergent church thing, while interesting, is not as earth-shattering as some people think.

get over it.

ok, i gotta leave the office so i can meet friends for a drink and then a taping of wait, wait don't tell me!


Kyra said...

What do you think he means by post modern as opposed to what you know to be post modern? I haven't read the book though a few people have strongly encouraged that I do so. This is the first time I've heard of someone who is not a staunch conservative not be impressed by it. i would like to hear more of your thoughts on the book. and oh, I'm a lurker, nice to meet you.

ding said...

nice to meet you, too.

i haven't thought through everything too completely yet but i'll probably write more over the weekend. (after my brunch tomorrow...hard work hostessing...)