Wednesday, March 30, 2005

the horns of my dilemma

met today with the ceo and head of marketing of a national women's non-profit. they'd welcome me in their organization and it'd be a fantastic way to get my feet wet in the non profit world - programming, marketing/communication, development and administration. they're looking for someone to mentor and i'm looking for experience. the organization hits my sweet spot: women, racism, reproductive and economic empowerment. i'd be able to write. the learning would be incredible. the exposure would be fantastic and the women i met with are fabulous - willing to put me in touch with other women and organizations.

but. the pay is SO low. it can't be ignored and, since it's non profit, can't be avoided. i'd be taking at least a 15k hit. 15k. not forever. there's no way i'd stay in this position for more than 2 years. but jeebus. 15k. that takes me back to grad school. and i remember why i chucked the phd program - i hated being poor. i hated living in a small town eating ramen out of my coffee maker. i was tired of it. there would be no extras: books, music, travel, shopping, cleaning lady or cocktails. (the less said about sex the better.) i'm not materialistic but i have to admit i have a life that's relatively sweet. that sweetness would just about evaporate.

i have a couple of bites from the corporate world this week; i have to give the nonprofit my answer probably by friday. eeks.


daddy said...

daddy says. . . . to eat or not to eat; that is the stupid question!

ding said...

true, but woman does not eat by bread alone, you know?