Tuesday, January 18, 2005

USATODAY.com - And the word is 'update'

USATODAY.com - And the word is 'update'

so if you look at the little box with the changes in language what's the big deal, especially with the hebrews scripture? the meaning is still the same.

what could possibly be wrong with changing gender-specific language? hm?

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Anonymous said...

The problem is much more complex than you realize. I studied the Bible for two years at a Christian college in an attempt to become a pastor. What I learned there was truly amazing. Part of the learning included how important every little word in the Bible is and how even a seemingly insignificant change can alter the meaning drasticaly. Although, I should point out that the more I learned about the Bible the less I liked it. Anyway, so this post isn't completely anonymous, you can reach me at revcray@scornedmonkey.com or read about more of my views at www.scornedmonkey.com