Wednesday, January 26, 2005

plague? instant vanishing?

Protest against gay marriage invokes God

i wonder what form they'd like God's intercession to come in.
locusts? the instant, spontaneous combustion of every homosexual and heterosexual ally in alberta?

i'd like religious homophobes to be honest. just say it. don't hide in churchy language; don't cover yourself in smirky platitudes about what scripture says or whatever. just say it: i want all gay people to go away. say it: i don't want them living near me, teaching my kids, working where i work. say it: i wish something would happen to make them go away, they disgust me.

open your mouth and let your bigotry fly out of you like a cloud of flies. you'll be more honest and you'll feel better saying it.

now, whether it's christian to say those things...well, that's something else entirely different.

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