Wednesday, January 26, 2005

exactly what we need

Yahoo! News - 'Braveheart' Becomes Role Model for Christian Men

this is perfect.
let's roll back human history several millenia and use that as a model of modern relationships.

because the dark ages were so good for women...


Senator Blutarski said...

Get hold of yourself. Everything's not about gender dynamics.

These men are clearly off their rocker, but where in the article does the subjugation of women, a la the middle ages, come up?

Let these goofballs have their sword play and revelry. At least it's getting them out of the house.

Senator Blutarski said...

By the way, if you want a good reason to be angry, check this out:

Absolutely disgusting.

ding said...

i picked the middle ages because clearly that's what this whole 'warrior' movement is based on. when men were men and women knew their place. unfortunately, with fundamentalist men, it is *always* about gender politics.