Wednesday, January 26, 2005

rolling stone: is nothing secular? - Rolling Stone decides to accept Bible ad - Jan 25, 2005

i've become a bitter christian. last night at dinner, i ignored the problematic guy who, last month, said to me that it's ok for wal mart to exploit its workers because a little work is better than no work. i ignored him the whole night and then felt a little bad about it before i went to sleep.

and now my roommate's copy of rolling stone that we read in the bathroom, is going to advertise the new hip bible. sigh. i don't want to read an advertisement for the bible in rolling stone. is it wrong of me to not want to read about the new hip language of the holy book while i'm on the toilet reading about the kinks? is it?? isn't it bad enough the secular is getting all tarted up in religious poofiness all over the place??

(yes, my rhetorical skills have completely left me i'm so frustrated.)

church: over here.
secular: way the hell over there.

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