Thursday, May 15, 2008

whew! crazy pastor not my dad.

Too Sense: Black Pastor Says Obama, Oprah, and Wright are 'Trinity of Hell'

so imagine the shudder of dread i experienced when i came across this post:
Let's see, according to this guy: Oprah betrayed white women (who put her
where she is today) by supporting Obama; Wright and Obama are closet gays, and
Obama stayed at Trinity United Methodist because he was having a gay
relationship with Wright; George Soros gave $200 million to Obama's campaign,
and Obama spent all of the money on white hotels and white media; in the
"Trinity of Hell" Wright is the Father, Obama is the Son, and Oprah is the Whore
Girl, looking to be President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State.

my first thought was, 'Please, lord, don't let it be dad, caught on tape saying something totally crazy on his website...'

and it wasn't! it was some other black pastor who doesn't like oprah winfrey!

sorry, dad. (you know i love you!)

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