Wednesday, May 07, 2008

'crossing the line'

From The Revealer, I came across a little item pointing me to an interview between the Family Research Council and religious right activist Janet Folger about some electioneering activities the FRC has planned.

The usual (non-tax status threatening) stuff: pre-packaged sermons on hot button conservative issues, candidate comparisons (hmm) and then comes this:

"We're going," he said, "to prompt pastors and say to them that, you know, we really believe that they need to challenge some of the things, some of the thinking that we have going on in our society, which is that separation of church and state doctrine, that we really need to preach the Bible on these issues and apply them to the things that are going on in the culture today." [emphasis mine]

Uh-huh. Pastors really need to challenge that separation of church and state thing. Yeah.

You heard it, people. Right from the right's mouth.

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Molly Malone said...

i do believe that an important function that the church serves in society is speaking truth to power, to demanding dignity for the overlooked. ... what's always amazed me about the right in this country is that they try to spin the picture to make it look like they're the ones being put upon, so that they need defending from the pulpit. blech.

ding said...

Exactly. Rather than see the separation of church and state as a protective measure (to protect the autonomy of your religious belief and practice) they see it as a barrier to inflict their individual religious belief on everyone else.

What don't these people get about living in a pluralist society?