Friday, May 09, 2008

he has a point: The Huckabee Option

As the interminable death march to the convention continues, we have to ask ourselves a question:

Why is this happening to us? Where did we go wrong? Why has the spectre of political unity forsaken us?

It's because Hillary Clinton didn't go to church enough.

Everyone who goes to church knows you're supposed to turn the other cheek. Some of us are better at this than others. (Not me. Oh, I turn the other cheek but then I seethe inside just waiting for some righteous justice to fall on someone's head. You hear that, anonymous men of UConn?) Mike Huckabee, though he scared me as a presidential candidate, apparently internalized this golden church lesson, as this post from Shakesville makes apparent:

Shakesville: The Huckabee Option

But what are the chances that Clinton will suddenly have a 'come to jesus' moment and back off her wacked out scorched earth campaign strategy?

About as many chances that those asshats at UConn who assaulted Melissa Bruen will be identified and prosecuted.

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