Sunday, January 27, 2008

US to contractors: rape? what rape?

remember that story i posted about a month ago? the one about jamie leigh jones, the woman who was working in Iraq for a Halliburton subsidiary, was drugged and gang raped by her colleagues, imprisoned by her employer and only released when her Congressman contacted the State Department?

well, two years later, there's still no action about this case. the Justice Dept is silent; there is no investigation and some women on the Hill want answers why no one has been under investigation and where her rape kit disappeared to.

feministing has a progress report from one of the Congresswoman who is pressing for some resolution. with Jan Schakowsky, Rep. Slaughter sent two letters to the State Department and the Justice Department. join them and contact your congressman to keep applying pressure.

no woman overseas should have to suffer what this young woman has.


Anonymous said...

No woman ANYWHERE should have to suffer what she has. Where are the laws that punish the perpetrator and not the victim?!?

ding said...

absolutely. no woman should.
i guess we know which side our goverment's bread is buttered.