Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baltimore Finds Subprime Crisis Snags Women - New York Times

well, this is going to put my condo-buying dreams on hold for a while.

i'm curious to find out how women home owners in chicago are faring; during the housing boom (which is still quietly booming) a lot of my single coworkers/friends bought homes on their own. the crisis that finds some of these women now is startling; the path to economic security has now become shaky.


imngrace said...

I'm single in the Chicago in the area. The bank wouldn't even look at me when I wanted to buy a home. Now, I'm glad, but then I was pretty upset. I'm trying desperately to establish some credit on my own after a divorce. Economic security? What's that?

ding said...

you know, the city of chicago has a grant program for first time, prospective home buyers. i know a couple people who have bought their homes through this program. you have to apply for it, but in the program, they pair you up with a counselor and they go over your credit, help you with a financial plan and then once everything is straightened out, they give you a grant to help cover a down payment. (or something like that.)

you should check it out. (especially now that the chicago housing market is turning into a buyer's market. you could probably find a property where the owners are coming down on price or something.)

ding said...

here is the city program i mentioned.