Tuesday, November 20, 2007


At Jets Game, a Halftime Ritual of Harassment - New York Times

unbelievably crass and tacky. hundreds of men line the ramp at Gate D and chant to women to expose their breasts.
stadium security thinks it's not their problem and the Jets don't think it's their problem.

is it a free speech issue or a threat to the safety of women?


Anonymous said...

WTF??? wow....

Jess said...

i think the comments left on the youtube page make it even more disgusting....

it's pretty unbelievable as well that when one woman refused, she was spit on and things were thrown at her!?!?


Anonymous said...

Definitely a threat! Hate speech (and I think that's what that was) is not covered by the free speech amendment, in my book.

Like your blog, btw. :-)


ding said...

CW: thanks for stopping by! and it has always struck me as illogical that crimes against women aren't considered hate crimes at all. if, say, these men were chanting threatening things at any other protected group (minority, homosexual, handicapped, religious/ethnic group) wouldn't that be considered threatening speech, and so actionable?

i think so.