Thursday, November 15, 2007

all is well; i've farted.

hello, from room 1471!
can you believe it? i can blog from my hospital bed! it's day three and i think this is the day i'll go home. they've been asking me if i've passed gas, yet, and finally i can tell them Yes, I have passed gas.

(apparently, when you've had your guts rearranged, farting is an important part of healing. so that's what i'm going to say from now on when i fart in public. "I'm healing.")

the surgery went well, i apparently sing while coming out of anasthesia, and i haven't had an appetite yet. that will change, though, i'm sure. my wound is terribly ugly but the hospital is gorgeous and i have my own room with a view of the lake and the little park by the contemporary art museum.

thanks to all the good wishes, the prayers and thoughtfulness. they are hugely appreciated. i wish i could send a big thank-you note.


Anonymous said...

so glad all went well!

Anonymous said...

May you have many happy farts and heal well.

ding said...

you never know when your evening prayer is going to be: 'Dear Jesus, thank you for giving me the ability to fart. thank you for the tiny gasesous moments throughout the day and thank you for a hospital staff that kept right on top of that.'

but it's the little things that make you truly grateful.

dawntreader said...

Apparently wind and spirit have the same root in Biblical language so congratulations on your personal pentecost! Take care.

ding said...

DT: thanks so much for that phrase, 'personal pentecost.' that's a classic.
and thanks for the good wishes. i'm on the mend and truly grateful for it.