Thursday, November 08, 2007

another asshat: tucker carlson

Media Matters - MSNBC's Carlson suggested women may be "so sensible, they don't want to get involved in something as stupid as politics"

you know, maybe black people shouldn't vote, either.

i mean, we're under stress because lynching is making a comeback, we die in prison, we die from violence and hip hop - it's no wonder we all die before we get old! clearly, we have some major issues to address before we can even start to think about voting. we're struggling for survival, people! what is voting compared to basic human survival??

and maybe other brown people should stay home, too. they have other things to deal with - not being deported and avoiding Gitmo and waterboarding. why do they want to vote? they have some serious legal issues to deal with.

and the gays - the gays should look the other way on election day, too. their fight to get married is so important they shouldn't even bother voting. they need to keep their eyes on the prize. certainly not on the white house.

you know who else shouldn't vote? poor people. poor people (sorta like black people) are too busy trying to find food. and shelter. or a job. voting is trivial.

in fact, voting is so trivial it should be reserved for smug, white, privileged, heterosexual men.

(fucking asshat.)

[h/t feministing]


Jess said...

so just entirely out of curiosity...and a paper for my feminist thought class, what are the thoughts of you ladies on Hil??

AV1021 said...

I feel that he was just trying to argue for the sake of arguing and as if he was trying to make eleanor
lose her cool and show that women are emotional he had no valid points to make against her

ding said...

jess: my thoughts are that she's smart, tough and highly skilled - at least as skilled (if not more so) than her opponents. she's certainly more skilled and experienced than giuliani, in my mind. on women's issues, she has the best record. i'd trust my uterus with her.

will i vote for her? if she ends up being the nominee, i'd probably vote for her.

ding said...

av1021: there is that. tucker was probably being way provocative to throw her off during the interview. i think that shows an appalling lack of integrity, though.

Jess said...

thanks for answering :)

and glad to hear that you are now in the wonderful stages of recovery.