Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Unholy Alliance -- In These Times

the fight down in aurora is heating up but the reproductive justice side is catching up.

eric zorn had a very good piece on the tactics used by the various anti-women groups and it's done some good to turn the tide of public opinion somewhat. who likes a bully who follows you home from work and harrasses you on your front porch and then defames you to your neighbors and your workplace?

if a guy i dated did that, i could accuse him of stalking and get an order of protection from him. these people do it (to protest a LEGAL procedure) and somehow it's not crazy at all. what's up with that?

these are the events that sometimes make me wish our side was a little bit more willing to get our hands dirty. but i only have those thoughts only sometimes.

An Unholy Alliance -- In These Times


Anonymous said...

I think it's high time to fight fire with fire. The anti-abortionist creeps, as it's been shown, will stop at nothing to promote their vile agenda and do so with glee. It's time to publish their personal information, bombard their homes with propaganda and disrupt their lives.

ding said...

i've always wondered why we don't...

ding said...

FYI - it's super easy to find the home address of the guy leading the anti-choice movement in aurora, eric scheidler. someone just showed me a piece of mail his organization is sending out about planned parenthood to folks in the suburbs and it's awful.