Thursday, September 06, 2007

Black and Missing but not Forgotten

Black and Missing but not Forgotten

i saw this site on feministing and it bears more viewing.
our media, though it protests that it is 'objective', is hardly that.

women of color go missing every year yet hardly garner the same amount of media attention.
so one young woman has taken it upon herself to focus her attention on missing black women, hoping to get some little publicity for them.

visit every once in a while and see if you've seen these women. their families would appreciate it.


Pearl said...

I've just had a look (even though the chances of me spotting one of these women in London is miniscule) and most of them look so young. So sad.

Molly Malone said...

good for this blogger. i'll add her to my bookmarks. though the prospect of anyone going missing is heart-stopping, the fact that the only missing blonde hotties get gobs of media coverage is indeed racist and i suspect sexist, too. like missing barbies are sort of titillating.

ding said...

i never thought of the sexist angle before but i suspect you might have a point.
missing barbies are titillating; like an episode of CSI, or something, and we all can't look away from it.

lifetime movies has a term for it: 'women in jep' stories