Sunday, September 23, 2007

between boxes...

i'm covered in paint splotches and taking a short break from unpacking and moving furniture in the new loft so here's an article about young women who earn more than the guy they're dating. it's a cute article but here are a couple of beefs: one, it would have been interesting to see what the guy who was intimidated by his girlfriend's higher salary had to say and, two, this isn't to say that the pay gap is a thing of the past. i betcha these women still aren't being paid the same as their male counterpart.

Putting Money on the Table - New York Times

i just noticed a 4-inch bruise on my arm.


AV1021 said...

I don't understand why you don't care for this article I believe it shows how far women have come and a few of these women kinda don't have a male counterpart because they own their Business

ding said...

i just thought it was a poorly written article, and the premise (men don't like women who make more money than they make) was a bit sexist.

yes, it could be a sign of 'things getting better' (i.e., women making more money), but it's also disingenuous since the wage gap between women and their male counterparts is still evident. we haven't come that far.

and i thought that if this article was going to look at gender, money and relationships in any serious way, they would have also included interviews from the boyfriends. i would have really liked to have read some of the explanations from the boyfriends about why they couldn't take dating a more successful woman - and if that was really the case.

without that kind of balance, the article just becomes another Women in the Workforce Suffer! screed.