Monday, June 11, 2007

movie nights to come

i don't know about you, but i'm excited about The Golden Compass release.
a few years ago, a friend of mine from grad school was in town and while we walked through borders the way we'd walked back in ann arbor, he recommended phil pullman's series, His Dark Materials. my friend called it a version of Paradise Lost but told from lucifer's point of view and said that it was the anti-harry potter: dark, complex, subversive.

i read the first and second book and had to agree: these were terrific books. if you're a churchy person who likes children's books to be at all simple and easy, then these ain't for you. these are books that house a challenging moral universe that does not conform to 'christian' analogy, necessarily. in other words, it's not C.S. Lewis, but it's terrific literature just the same.

the movie's coming out in december and if they don't keep the dark complexity it'll be a piece of crap. but if they do, it'll rock.

(if you've read the book, you'll be familiar with daemons and if you go to the site you can create your own. the site's pretty neat. anyway, mine's albus, a male lion who personifies modesty, pride, solitude and inquisitivity. yeah, that's pretty much me in a shell.)

oh, and another movie i'm looking forward to?
I am Legend. this has to be one of the best vampire stories around and when i saw the trailer i breathed, 'awesommme!'
such a dork.


liza said...

So, where's your daemon? By the way, Sion got the same one.

Pearl said...

My daemon's a snow leopard, which pleases me greatly. I'm also looking forward to the film, but you're right, it needs to be dark. It's called 'His Dark Materials', after all! I went to see a youth theatre company do a play version last year and it was hilarious. Particularly the bears, who were all teenage boys prancing around in furry suits holding bear masks over their heads. Not at all dark, but entertaining nonetheless.

ding said...

it's already a play for teenagers? wow. the culture moves fast.

i haven't read the last one, yet, so i'm interested if the author's particular anti-church bent gets really out of hand. (i've read commentary that says yes and some that says no.)

but the first one was really good.