Tuesday, June 05, 2007

movie night with ding's friends

a scene of weekend movie watching with ding's friends, who all come to the church via different roads if at all:

Movie Night? This Sunday, maybe? KS has Jesus Camp and if she's available and you guys are, maybe that'll work?
Jesus Camp at your place? Praise be.
Would love to see you all but I'm afraid I cannot endure another viewing of
Jesus Camp.

Fine by me. Can we move the TV to the balcony so I can smoke? Just curious.
Okay, let's just say Sunday is it. KS, if you can't make it I can find the movie but we will miss you. TG, you will miss our sing-along, but that's your loss ;-)
7 pm is cool with me, but I'm not averse to making it 6:30 on your deck with a cold one. I need to bone up on the words. Shut Out De Do' Keep Ou' De Debil....
Can we get a hymn book? I grew up Methodist and didn't learn all those crazy Jesus songs for kids.
I believe that overhead projected sheets are more the thing. Happily, since all the songs basically have one 4 line stanza repeated ad nauseum, they aren't too hard to pick up - as an example of the top of my head, I present...

Ri-ise and shi-ine and give God the glory, glory;

Ri-ise and shi-ine and give God the glory, glory;

RISE and SHINE and (clap) give God the glory, glory;

Chil-DREN of the Lord.
Don't even get me started. Oh, okay.

Cuz friends are friends forever if the lord's the
lord of them. And a friend will not say never because the welcome does not end.
And though it's hard to let you go, in the father's hands we know. That a
lifetime's not too long...to live as friends.

This is, of course, for the last night of camp. Big tearfest.
You pulled out Michael W. Smith. He trumps Amy grant. But you know what? I don't care about the singing, all I care about is the diorama. I will call the black
yarn right now for my lion's 's mane..... something something about some kid in a lion's den. i'm changing the kid to a penguin. I'll bring the shoebox.

If you turn DANIEL into a penguin I think I’m going to pray that Thursday's hurricane hover outside your window.
Screw you. My Daniel can be anything he wants to be. Message over the man, dude.
Apologies--and huge shout out to TG. I am so, so, so sorry you're being dragged into the eye of the fundamentalist dragon show. Praise Holy Mary, mother of god, catholic sistah.

As soon as we watch the damn thing I’ll go into a fundamentalist flashback and melt into a pool of drool, it'll be that traumatic.
It’s our only way of coping.


My personal favorite...

I am the churchYou are the churchWe are the church, together. (My favorite line)
All who follow Jesus, all around the world,Yes! We're the church

It's a global message, and yet, completely exclusive. Trickery!

Which shows the total cognitive dissonance it takes to be a part of it.

Indeed. My favorite necessary cognitive dissonance is:

'We are better than the Catholics because we reject the idea of an intermediary coming between God and the individual - oh, and by the way, here is exactly what the Bible means and requires of you - just trust us on it - please, no questions. Really. This is what it means. Yes, I know even the very first book of Genesis seems to contradict itself, but believe me, for reasons you can't possibly understand
having to do with the Fall being masterminded by Eve, you just have to trust us
that the rib/helper of Adam version is more right than that simultaneous
creation of man and woman crap. OK, lets move out of Genesis and turn
to Paul's reminder that women should be silent in church.'

No I'm not bitter at all.


Anonymous said...

hilarious! i love it, i wanna watch (i think) jesus camp now.

ding said...

there really is going to be a sing along and i can guarantee that the ex-fundies among us are going to suffer a nervous breakdown.

Molly Malone said...

you'll have to give us a review, later.

i really want to see that movie, but admit it also hits me in a wierd place. my church camp experiences were really great - one of the few saving graces of adolescence for me - nothing like what i've seen of the clips from Jesus Camp. my concern is that anymore that's what the general public thinks all Christian youth camps are. maybe they've always thought that. nonetheless, i'm curious about this camp and the woman who helms it. i would also be curious to know how many camps like this are out there in the US.

ding said...

most of my friends have gone to bible camp and they admit that it wasn't so bad - not like this one at all. (hence, all the songs that they still remember.) so i'm willing to bet that this particular camp is anomalous.

i mean, i went to saturday bible class every weekend when i was a kid and it was never about forcing kids to 'come to jesus' or to have some wacked out spiritual experience. it was arts, crafts, games, memorizing bible verses, a lesson or two and singing jesus songs. actually, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a saturday. (there was also lunch that usually consisted of hot dogs.)