Thursday, November 02, 2006

it's a thought...a Green candidate for gov!

Green Party vs. the goliaths | Chicago Tribune

the blagojevich/topinka ads are turning my stomach. can't a girl watch 'dancing with the stars' in peace? apparently not. (

and while we're at it, why doesn't the GOP just come out and call poor tammy duckworth a 'legless satan worshipper'? it'd cut through all the crap and make their ads so much more interesting.)

so my gaze turns toward a candidate who's been running so far under the radar, when i mentioned him at a work meeting, my very politically astute coworkers went, 'Err?' ralph nader pissed me off but i think i could probably go for a Green governor. and if you check out his profile, rich whitney doesn't sound totally crazy. ok, his gun policy is weird, but i can overlook that. i'm from los angeles.

(my rubric for political candidates is quite simple - don't sound like a nutbag.)

change has to start somewhere, right?


Wasp Jerky said...

All I know is that if I get one more damn political phone call or piece of mail, I'm going to have my own gun policy.

ding said...

tell me about it.
i gave one teeny tiny $20 check at a fundraiser and now i'm being stalked.

i just watched hbo's 'hacking democracy' with my roommate and we're both so mad. i know we're gearing up for another election season nervous breakdown.

Molly Malone said...

the closer we get to tuesday, the more phone calls from PIRGs and other interest groups we keep getting. ... we let the machine answer. maybe we should make it a drinking game: a cocktail for every piece of mail, a shot for each phone call.

ding said...

and the drinking won't stop until 2008.

(go obama!)