Wednesday, November 08, 2006

gasp! a woman's in charge!

i'd like to start collecting all the punditry around pelosi and her gender. i'd really like to start looking at the public discourse surrounding our first female speaker of the house because i'm curious to see how the public constructs a woman who wields real political power now.

will she be 'shrill'?
will she 'intimidate men' and 'will men be unable to relate to her'?
will she be 'emotional'?
'ball busting'?
'a barn burner'?
'man hating'?
'almost masculine in her abilities'?
'a fishwife'?
a 'bitch'?

or will she be...good at her job?

to read:
Pelosi ready for House helm, battle over issues -
as well as this over at BlogHer
i'll post more feminist posts on pelosi when i find them. it's gonna a fascinating two years.


greg said...

I like this post at bitchphd. That George is right on top of things.

Wasp Jerky said...

You forgot butch.

ding said...

exactly. how could i forget 'butch'?

i wonder how many articles will be written about her clothes, her shoes, her feminine style? (much like the interest in condoleeza's social life or lack of one. dude, *i* don't have a social life because of work and i'm not the secretary of state!!)

the media are full of asses.