Wednesday, November 22, 2006

how do you say 'turkey' in french?

all the goings on lately have been exhausting so roomie and i are going to montreal for the thanksgiving holiday.

pray for safe travels and have a great thanksgiving, everyone!

(feel free to post any ventings and rantings about going home for the holidays here. i won't mind and it'll give me something to read when i get back.)


john patrick said...

I think you say "la dinde" but you never know if the quebequois have a special word for it.

Bonne fete!

Molly Malone said...

jouyeux montreal!

i just read that the canadian PM has introduced in parlaiment a motion to basically let Quebec be its own nation as many separatists want. you'll have to let us know what the buzz is like there, when you return!

Anonymous said...

hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

i want to go to montreal and see teh undergroud city... is it really true?

and yah, i have no rants since i didnt go home and its not a holiday here.

nice picture though, the colors are great!

Jackie said...

turkey, c'est la dinde! i really like your blog, because it offers validation that feminists come in many different forms. you should check out
"">my blog
on the topic of having a thanksgiving in the spirit of sisterhood. hope you had a good holiday!

ding said...

well, the buzz was all in french, so i really couldn't tell what the pulse was (to mix metaphors horrifically). but it seemed that most everyone was 'eh.'

or maybe that's just montreal's basic attitude to everything - eh.

and i had a great thanksgiving! it was so relaxing. go here for a more detailed description of it. i managed to order my breakfast in french once and when they answered with a stream of french i had to just break down and use english. i felt so bad!

i'm staying in town next christmas so maybe i'll have an all women's christmas here!