Tuesday, June 06, 2006

committee of pain

as anyone who's ever worked in a church knows, com'tee work can either be an uplifting experience that makes you want to run around a grassy knoll with arms outspread OR it can be the gaping maw of hell.

guess what kind of com'tee i'm on?
oh, i'm sorry - guess what kind of com'tee i'm chairing??

(roll of eyes here)

the Person who totally guilt-tripped me into taking this position deserves flaming hot pokers to be inserted into her arse. you hear me, Person?

(obscene gesture with fingers here)


Molly Malone said...

I hear you re: church committees.
Y'know, when conservative politicians like to pitch the idea that the govt can withdraw social services support because - hey! churches can fill the gap, I often wonder: have these people EVER been to a board meeting? when churches aren't scraping for funds themselves, they're tied up in more petty bureaucracy than the feds!
my heart goes out to you, really. stay strong! i believe in you!

ding said...

presbyterians looove to go to meetings. more than baptists!

a whole year of this - and the differing personalities on the com'tee - and i think i'm going to go slightly crazy. before i send an email or have a conversation i find myself mumbling, 'please, jesus, don't let me lose my shit.'

never again!