Sunday, April 10, 2005

man date

The New York Times : The Man Date

my rommate told me about this article and i laughed my ass off. not because i'm scornful (snort) but...ok, i can't even finish that sentence.

guys... come on. share a bottle of wine. go to that dark jazz club and don't sit at the bar. take long walks in the park together. no one will think you're gay.

(my dad goes on man dates all the time! he's 61!)

more and more i think the average straight male mind is a rabbit warren of insecurities and paranoias.


Chris T. said...

How...weird. I regularly hang out with my guy friends one on one without sports and have never worried about any of the stuff the article talks about.

ding said...

isn't it? maybe it's a new york thing.

john patrick said...

I eat greasy-fried when I'm out with dudes because a) it's cheaper and b) I don't have to impress anyone with my tablemanners.

Also, crab, I have to remember not to take a date to eat crab. I went to lunch with a couple of friends once, and they told me with words that they know how to eat crab. Long story short: I went into crab-eatin' mode, and they left the restaurant hungry.

They should have told me the truth, that they didn't really know how to eat crab. I thought they were eating slow because they weren't that hungry.

Anyway, I don't eat out anymore because I'm on financial orange alert.

handdrummer said...

I've been having dinner, going to concerts, museums and the movies, taking trips with male friends ever since I was taken up into the hills to the secret cave of initiation way back in the day 50 mumble years ago.

When did this become an issue? And why didn't I get the memo? Is this more of that Robert Bly stuff? Who the hell has the damn talking stick now?

ding said...

well, apparently urban centers are full of the uninitiated and they're running scared. i sense a dr. phil in the offing, soon.

db said...

How weird. When I read that article, I thought, "how... American..." In my observation, men in Asia and Europe spend time with each other without all that baggage. I used to hold hands iwth my girlfriends when I was young in Korea but people in US thought that was weird too. And I am not sure what their relationships mean really if a girl-date always trumps the man-date. If a girl were to drop her girlfriends every time she had a man-date, I'd consider her a flake.

ding said...

american men in general have a weird idea of friendship; it's ok to be intimate with your friends in the following settings:

sports championships

i think it's this lack of masculine intimacy that makes some women look to their girl friends for their significant relationships rather than those who could be their lovers or companions.

bodhi said...

A man-date at the bowling alley playing for the polish dockworkers!...heaven!
Love your blog!
you ROCK!

ding said...

uh, gee. thanks.