Wednesday, April 06, 2005



i used to be a fun person. now i'm as fun as a baptist in boystown. in the middle of feeling worn down by this job search (enough already! find me a job!! it's been 5 freaking months!!), and pulling clumps of curly hair at all the political crap happening, there's the sense that ding's old fun persona is fading fast. i used to have the best stories, the funniest stories, the wackiest tales of city life. things would happen to me and every day was an adventure.

today, for 3 minutes, i actually had a fantasy about selling my soul to be some corporate drone for the rest of my life to buy a house of my own. what the hell. now, my biggest adventure is standing in the unemployment line and hearing manny the case worker say my name the way it's meant to be said. and i blushed! lame. i'm getting earnest.

is THIS what my ordinary life has become? getting jazzed because a stranger pronounced my name the right way?!?

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