Saturday, April 02, 2005

april fool

uh. ok.

i love his first sentence:
Christ was a man, Moses was a man, and Mohammed was a man. The conclusion that I draw from this is Thou shalt never apologize for being a man.

yeah, that's exactly it.

via big brass blog.


john patrick said...

yikes. i could only read the first few paragraphs.

ding said...

the sad craziness gets to you after a while, huh?

jesus chick said...

gimme a freakin' break. i'm a republican but jeez oh pete - the author of this article is a touch paranoid. generally speaking, i don't get the whole uber-pride thing - not from feminists, gays, men or the irish!! there's nothing wrong with having pride in who you are as person but to elevate it to such a level of annoyance is . . . annoying!

sojourness said...

"I firmly believe that there’s nothing in being a man about which we should be ashamed."


ding said...

but his syntax is pretty good, no?
seriously though.

nutters are sad. he needs a hug.