Friday, February 04, 2005

stupidity travels

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Milan bans Da Vinci parody

when i took art history classes at the University of Large Midwestern-ness what always fascinated me were the backstories. like, who modeled for these masterpieces.

wanna know who modeled for these things? prostitutes, other artists, bums and friends of the artist. in other words, in the 'original' painting of the last supper, i'm pretty sure no one was thinking about higher things like spirituality. i'm pretty sure the chalice on the table was actually used to quaff some wine and maybe the bread was left over from the evening's debauch the night before? you think the PAINTING is actually holy?

get a grip, people. it's art. and this is several removes from art - it's advertising. if your faith is so weak you can't take a parody why not become a hermit? crawl up mountain and sit there alone. all alone. no 'offensive' images to make you think badly of a painting of a scene in the bible.



john patrick said...

If they hadn't banned it, I would never have seen it.

Thank you, Institute of Commercial Self-Discipline.

ding said...

if we're honest about it, the whole ad looks like a horrendously bizarre staff meeting at any small communications consultancy.

there's the ceo in the middle, the office boy has just been fired (and needs comfort) and the rest of the staff is in a tizzy because lunchtime massages have just been canceled (due to high overhead.) more layoffs are clearly on the way.