Thursday, February 10, 2005

my people and the GOP

i love my community. i really do. for all our issues and problems, we have a healthy dislike of lying. we have an almost paranoid fear of history repeating itself. and we have a healthy distrust of the GOP.

though recent conventional wisdom would like to show that GOP inroads in the african american community is growing, a long term view of those numbers would indicate otherwise.

yes, there are black ministers crowing about gay marriage but the armstrong williams scandal (our folks don't like steppin fetchits) and the recently demonstrated presidential ignorance of the civil rights act of 64 just keep reinforcing our ideas about republicans and black folk - the two just don't mix.

(quiet as kept, if those black ministers agitating against gay marriage would just turn around and take a look at who's really directing their choirs, sitting at their organs and in their congregations, they'd have a different point of view.)

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