Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1st church blog awards

Evangelical Underground

i was pretty interested in this until i saw who he linked to...michelle malkin, the rabid pinay who thinks it was good the u.s. govt interred japanese americans.

no thanks.


Brandon said...

Isn't it about time some of us 'less holy' (read: liberal) folk got one of these award show thingers?

I wanna be recognized, dammit.

Brandon said...

oops. can i say dammit here?


ding said...

if i can blather on about masturbation, abortion, my days dancing on a box at circuit parties and what bullshit abstinence only sex education is, you can say dammit.

(consider that a dispensation from church gal.)

Anonymous said...

who they linked to had nothing to do with it. "real live preacher" was nominated and made it to the finals. perhaps you would have thought differently if somone had nominated you.

ding said...

i'm not that petty, anon.

and my main point (RLP notwithstanding) is that i was jazzed about the idea of these awards until i saw that the guy organizing it links to michelle malkin - a fundamentally ideologically problematic asshat.

so i make snap judgments about value based on social networks.

sue me.