Tuesday, July 10, 2007

when religious dudes go nuts

is it the heat? the storms? the humidity?
because there's an inordinate amount of bad news and weirdness all over the place.
moving slightly away from gender politics, let's turn our eye to godliness which, if you listened to these guys, includes knowing how to make bombs to blow up other churches.

Star-Telegram.com 07/07/2007 Three men in jail over bomb at church

what the frak is going on??
from the article:

Cmdr. Chris Havens, the Police Department spokesman, said the suspects boasted about belonging to a leaderless group of 10 or 15 who share a belief that society has become too focused on self-improvement and self-gratification and has lost focus on the glorification of God.
"They admit to being Christian and being brought up Christian, but they believe there should be one denomination and one church, not multiple denominations," Havens said. "They did not say they had a name for their group, other than they were a radical Christian activist group. That was the way they explained their group," he said. The suspects said the group has three levels of involvement: Bible study, consensual fighting and destructive acts. Because one of their beliefs is free thought, however, participation in all three levels is not mandatory, they told police.

'consensual fighting and destructive acts.'
i love the escalation of the 3 levels: first you learn about the TULIP, then you beat your brother in christ, THEN you build a bomb.
good lordy.

here's an idea: let's build a big, fake, walled-in city and dump our crazy religious psychos with their crazy religious psychos, let them totally suicide bomb each other and then, when it's all over, we women will rule the world at last. it's not a perfect solution but at least we'd be frak-tard-free.


super des said...

That sounds like the guys I hear on the subway. Just turn up your headphones.

ding said...

i think there's something wrong when religious faith begins to look like a military assault. you know?

or mental illness. that's just a sign it has nothing to do with faith at all.

Anonymous said...

yes yes, exactly! (to your last comment ding, and also to putting them in a truman show like bubble and making them stay there, away from us).

Wasp Jerky said...

Geez, these Christian terrorists are everywhere.

ding said...

oh, pshaw, they're not terrorists if they're christian! they're just...really enthusiastic about jesus.

seriously, i think there are more of these little secret groups than we think. what's the line between the fringe groups that live off the grid (the timoty mcveigh-like groups) and really intense 'bible study/radical christian' groups like this one?

i think it's a thin one. replace one wacked out ideology with another and throw in a willingness to use violence and you get the same thing. but will there ever be a conversation about this fringe of christianity in our church?

no. we're too worried about who's fucking whom.