Tuesday, July 10, 2007

maybe they should have been more 'womanly'

i'd read a couple of alerts about this and i didn't believe it, at first.
i mean, a dude is choking a girl on the ground and HE gets off while the girl and her friends who are defending her get sent to jail, despite some forensic doubt that they did this.

i guess this is what it means to be a woman (let alone a lesbian woman): folks can attack you with impunity and when you step up you get sent to jail.

what a man that dwayne buckle is. what a man.

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however, that bill o'reilly 'maurauding lesbian gangs' story is still bullshit.


Flavor said...

It is something terribly wrong with this. You mean a "man" could not defend himself with a woman, or some women in this case.

The only reason for this is "he ain't no "MAN" I betcha he used to get his butt kicked in school,now he has grown up to pick on women.

I like your title. Nahh, Ding, they should have kicked his ass!
Act like a man get treated like one!


ding said...

well, flavor, according to some in our culture, buckle acted exactly the way a 'man' should: he had his manly advances rejected and he went to take what he thought was his 'right.'

and he got rewarded for it - he gets hailed as an 'innocent straight man' while the women he harassed and defended themselves get sent to jail.

demonstrating, once again, our heterosexist culture's willingness to step to the defense of 'manhood' while anyone who's outside of that gender or sexual privilege gets the shaft.

Anonymous said...

Now, some would say the women should have never gone back to argue with him.Why go back? Be a lady and keep on going. Ahh... but that is the problem. Shouldn't a woman have the right stand up for herself?

Acting like a man is knowing how to treat women like women. Degrading them is not one way to do He does not know how to relate to women. One day he will pay the price for his foolishness. He will reap what he sows, some way and some how.

Those women needed better attorneys representing them. That woman should have never been in jail.