Wednesday, January 24, 2007

uneasy ambition

while the bears trounced the saints on sunday, i received a voicemail from my church's nominating com'tee. i'd been unanimously recommended to join the board of directors for our community outreach services entity.

i'm a little stunned. i had no idea they were considering me.

but underneath the stunned-ness is also a little bit of glee. yay! (that's a humble yay because there's a lot of work attached to this position, but it's still a yay!)

so, after thinking about how my deacon commitments would have to change or shelved outright for my third year, i accepted.


Anonymous said...


Atalanta said...

Hooray! Go Ding!

ding said...

thanks, guys! let's hope that i don't over extend myself and have a stroke!

Molly Malone said...

congrats on the church board committee! good luck and godspeed, Ding!

... incidentally, the random letters i have to type for security purposes is "eldmik". i like it because it is an anagram for "milked." that makes me want ice cream.

ding said...

thanks, molly!
i've been fascinated by the word verification 'words' for a long time. sometimes, they actually approach real words!

uh, but not bvcnfhg.