Monday, January 08, 2007

i love a man who's strategic

MPR: Ellison to be sworn in using Quran once owned by Thomas Jefferson

so remember that whole flap last month about the first muslim congressman using a koran for his swearing in photo op? (he was also the guy glen beck, aka assface, asked to prove he wasn't working against america?) you have to hand it to ellison; using thomas jefferson's copy was genius.

i'll be posting more later about a fascinating book i just finished and my thoughts on men's pain. (and i'll try to do it without any snark. i promise.)


Wasp Jerky said...

Just beautiful.

nakedpastor said...

we MUST, in my opinion, understand Islam! i recommend an excellent book i just finished written by a Muslim woman who is also openly gay, Irshad Manji, "The Trouble With Islam Today".

Bud said...

Please don't take this as an attack, but Irshad Manji is terrrrrrrible. Almost no reputable scholar of Islam (muslim or non-Muslim)likes her stuff.

There are several great introductions to Islam and many books that offer insightful progressive critiques of contemporary practice. Manji is one big publicity stunt. She is a pundit (of course, with a right to her opinion) but NOT an expert.

back to the topic at hand, this was a very smart move by Ellison...too bad it was an issue at all.

ding said...

i have to admit i'm totally clueless when it comes to islam (well, not totally, but don't test me on anything.) i like ellison's graceful move and hope that the hysteria over his religion disappears. the election of a muslim public official had to happen sooner or later - lest we forget that we live in a pluralistic society!

(it seems folks just seem to forget that not everyone's a christian in this country. it struck me particularly this holiday season when i was leaving my office building. we had a huge christmas display in the lobby and i found myself thinking, 'i wonder what the muslims, jews and hindus who work here think every time they pass here?')