Wednesday, August 16, 2006

about 5 years ago i lost my mother. it was devastating.

and now, my best friend/roomie has lost hers. it's also devastating.
i'll be taking the next few days off to be with her and some of our friends who are flying out to join A- and her family for the services.

each parental loss i and my friends experience tells us how finite family is; our friends become our family.

(love you, dad.)


Kenbra Lynn said...

I haven't lost a parent, but I have close friends who have. It's the most insecuring thing that could happen to a person. Even if you're not 'close' to the person, you're still very much affected by the loss. (of even the loss of something you wish you could have had with that parent) It's all so sad. Take care on your trip.

Molly Malone said...

my condolences to your friend. ... and constant comfort to you in that hole that will never be filled. travel safely.

Betsy said...

My condolences. We never realize the value of a loved one until he or she passes away. When my dad died, I didn't feel the loss too badly. But as I grew older and more mature, I realized how lucky I was to have him and promised to be a good daughter to my mother.

ding said...

thanks, everyone. what an emotionally draining weekend. it was really good for all of us to be there for my roommate; we got her out of her family's house when she needed, we let her vent her anger, her loss, her frustration (you wouldn't believe the inappropriate so-called 'church' ladies say at times like this), her joy and her shock.

remember that 'sex/city' episode when they had to go to miranda's mother's funeral? the episode was close but didn't go far enough - it's so much more emotional and devastating than that to see a good friend in such pain. it's so much more intimate and personal. their pain becomes yours.

anyway, i'm glad i'm back and your encouraging thoughts clearly carried me through.

tin120 said...

I know a few of my friends who married jackass. And to think that these friends of mine are but wealthy and professionals. But what makes them so attracted to jackass?

cris125 said...

I really cannot share how sad that would be since both of my parents are still alive. Surely losing somebody in the family could be very painful. But keep in mind that death is not the end, it is a beginning of a new life .