Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i have thoughts on easter and holy week (and why every easter dinner should have beef in it) but right now i'm so brain dead from a hellacious work day (i was here at 7.30 am!!) that all i can think of is the dream i had this morning:

i'm on vacation with my entire family (mom, dad, married sister and her kids); we're in french polynesia (how do i know? it was tropical yet had good dishes and we all wore scarves really well). dressed to the nines (i was stunned at how chic i looked) i'm having brunch with my family when our hot franco-chinese pilot joins us. after brunch we flirt right in front of my mother (!!), he takes me back to his swank apartment full of pilot memorabilia (!!!), we open a bottle of wine and put on a record (!!!!) - and then my sister shows up because her kids want me to take them on a tour of polynesia.

this is why i don't live in los angeles anymore.


Bonita said...

do you not live in LA cuz your family can walk in on you gettin fresh with the locals? that was a funny story.

i was curious what have been maybe 1-2 books/sources that have impacted your journey in feminism? i am currently reading The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and am very, very pleased. i took back my library copy and actually spent the 12 bones to write in the margins things like "oh i've thought that" or "what the crap? other ppl have felt that too?" or "why am i a christian again? i forget" or "is she on crack?".

-formerly gwen stefani
(i can't decide on a freaking name! ha! but at least i'm a blogspotter now)

ding said...

it's funny.
my road to feminism was because of nancy drew and jane austen and charlotte bronte. nancy drew lived such a cool life! she was independent, had a cool car, solved mysteries and her boyfriend didn't have to rescue her. oh, and she hung out with her girlfriends all day and took great vacations.

jane austen's books always had women in it who were lively of mind and very outspoken. i loved that being the quiet daughter of a minister.

and bronte's jane eyre was my college love. bronte was the daughter of a dour methodist minister and she wrote a book that was angry, feminist and brave - and the heroine didn't pick the church guy!! she picked the angry, blind, near-bigamist rochester who said loving her was like having a string attached to his heart. love. it.

the real book that cracked it open for me, though, was 'where and when i enter' by paula giddings. it's a basic history of black women in america and it was eye popping for me. this is the book that started it for me.

(as for the dream, i guess it means that sometimes i'm torn between filial duty and my, uh, other duties. heh.)

Bonita said...

interesting thanks. i actually am wanting to read jane austen, so you've nudged. thanks for sharing!

john patrick said...

Yes, sweetheart, your dream shows a deep seated, very disturbing insanity. Deeply, deeply insane.