Monday, March 06, 2006

why i love my friend jp: he's down with the poor

you don't have to read: You'll Have To Arrest Me.

moving away from the abortion posts for a while, i'll start writing on poverty and class.

let's see how many christian conservatives ream me on that.
or is sex the only issue they get upset about?

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john patrick said...

I love you too, ding, thanks for the shout out.

You know, I was just thinking today about the Bible-thumping reaction to Brokeback Mountain, and I was curious: do you remember a similar reaction to Cider House Rules? Because I don't. I don't remember any righteous thumping in response to the heroic abortion movie.

Hee hee, remember when the Catholics got uptight about the Last Temptation of Christ? I wonder how DaVinci Code will fare with the nuns. Maybe Tom Hanks and Mel Gibson will have it out at a press conference, a la Shani Davis vs. Chad Hedricks.

Sigh! I *LOVE* Shani and Chad!