Wednesday, March 01, 2006

why am i feminist? this is why:

Chicago Tribune Alleged rape victim threatened with jail

so. though she's been cross examined already and has testified she has no recollection of consenting to sex with this group of men, she's basically going to be thrown in jail if she doesn't watch a videotape of her own rape.

before you write me and say something really idiotic, ask yourself this: if she was your 20 year old daughter, would you want her to watch a tape of her rape?

if you're as pissed off about this dehumanization of a woman as i am, contact the men who should know better here:

call the judge: Judge Kerry M. Kennedy at 708-974-6759
call the presiding judge: Judge Anthony S. Montelione at 708-974-6288
call the chief judge: Judge Timothy C. Evans at 312-603-6000

[update: within minutes of me posting this, the Trib updated the story - the judge backed down.]


Pete Bogs said...

outrageous... though I'm not clear from reading the article why she's being told to watch the tape...

ding said...

it's gratuitously ... gratuitous.

was the defense hoping for a moment when, confronted with the images of her gang-bang, the woman would leap to her feet and cry out "Yes, I wanted it! I was only pretending to be unconscious! And, yes! I wanted them to leave me half naked, covered in spit and black marker! I love being degraded like that! Set those innocent young men free! It was all my fault!"

it's a problem when the only issue of responsibility is about the woman: she shouldn't have been drunk; she shouldn't have passed out; she should have said no before she passed out; she shouldn't have been stupid and 16 at an older guy's house.

well, i'd like to add something to that: what about the responsibility of the perp not to assault an unconscious girl??

(and this isn't directed at you, pete; i'm just ranting haphazardly.)

Molly Malone said...

"Berezi fled the country after being charged and remains at large. Missbrenner also fled but returned from Europe in May 2005." ... sounds like admission of guilt to me!

I couldn't open the second article. What abject lowlifes: both the judge and the jerks who raped her. Talk about insult to injury!

maybe the judge would agree that someone brutally mugged in a parking lot of a grocery really "wanted" it because he was mugged while he was putting money in his wallet.