Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Revealer: Kerry Wins God Points

The Revealer: Kerry Wins God Points

think what you will about reproductive rights and john kerry, but i thought his answer to the woman about abortion and faith was brilliant.

let me repeat again: separation of church and state.


Anonymous said...

So you see nothing wrong with a guy who thinks that life begins at conception but is willing to support abortion (and not only abortion, but federally-funded abortion!)

This is not a matter of church vs state, Kerry believes that fetuses are human beings. And yet he is willing to (what is in his eyes) murder millions of babies in order to score political points.

Now if people believe that the fetus is a lump of tissue, then any attempt to restrict abortion rights can be seen as an attack against women's reproductive rights. But if you really think that life begins at conception you shouldn't kill children to get elected.

ding said...

apparently, i don't think anything wrong with it.

why? because it IS a matter of separating church and state.

let's not be disingenuous. belief that life begins at conception at the cellular level is a religious belief. it's an article of faith. to impose an article of faith at the federal level would be to erase that separation of powers.

there's a difference between moral judgments and legal ones. i happen to think that moral judgments should be personal ones, not legislated by my government.

john patrick said...

As Americans, we respect the constitutional separation of church and state so much that we will not let the teachings we hear from the pulpit preclude the Supreme Court.

If you're not Catholic, you probably don't want family planning issues handed down from the Vatican. The separation of church and state protects all of us from religious persecution.

A few years ago, Washington gubernatorial candidate Ellen Craswell's platform stated that all government agencies should be biblically justified. She proposed dismantling CPS into the work of the police because there was no CPS in the bible.

She lost the election, but if her constitutionally protected beliefs were to stray into public policy, the state of washington would be on fire.