Tuesday, February 03, 2009

taking a break

let's see.
i write for work.
i'm writing for Screed and Bitch, PhD.
i'm trying to finish my novel draft.
i'm on twitter.

ChurchGal needs a break. (i missed blog for choice day! i never miss blog for choice!)
so i'm putting this blog on hiatus for a bit.

if you'd still want to follow me, i'm still writing for my very first love/blog, Screed, and posting occasionally at Bitch, PhD. (only very occasionally because, well, because - and i'm busy as hell with my real job.)
you can also follow me on Twitter as PrincessDing.

i hope i'll be back by spring - or when this monstrous legislative session is over.



Anonymous said...
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ding said...

i hate spam!

SEG said...

why do you believe that being a feminist christian isnt' an oxymoron?

ding said...

because it's not.
the bible says that in christ there is no male or female; we are the same in christ.

sounds pretty feminist to me.