Wednesday, January 07, 2009

asshat: ann coulter tries to bring it

A fight liberals are dying to have - Ta-Nehisi Coates

this is what i love about ann coulter: she's such a coward.

but first, an anecdote:
i remember a little rich girl in 9th grade who was, no holds barred, a stone cold bitch in training. she was mean, cruel and liked to see the 7th graders (like me) miserable.

one day during lunch she turned her eye on me. we were sitting at the edge of the quad reserved for 9th graders and she sauntered over with a couple of her friends and drawled out something about how i needed to leave because i was polluting the quad and then called me bus trash (since i was bussed in, along with most of the other kids of color.) my big friend cynthia (who looked like she was 18) stood up, put down her sandwich and asked little rich girl to repeat what she just said. little rich girl backed off.

and this brings me back to coulter. she brings her vindictive, bullying, racist shit to folks who indulge it: white dudes - either liberal dudes who are scared of her or conservative dudes who wanna date her. (unfortunately, this is the only way i have of explaining why she keeps going back to them.)

who does she avoid? smart, down black women.

let's see her up against someone like bell hooks or angela davis and see how she does then.

(for that matter, let's see her against any of the awesome women of color blogging now, of whom i am familiar with just a few: Angry Black Bitch, Jill from Jack & Jill, La Chola, the women on Racialicious, or Post-Bourgie - all are in my sidebar. feel free to share any of your dream-match ups!)

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