Friday, October 24, 2008

privacy and punishment: how much time should i do?

A hypothetical scenario:
Let's say I'm with my partner and, despite our best efforts, one of his swimmers gets through; let's also say that my right to control my fertility (either through consistent and regular access to birth control and/or abortion services) has been rendered illegal. The right to medical privacy, as well as the right to a safe and legal abortion, has been taken away from me and millions of other women in my state.

How much time should I do for getting an abortion?

Watch the video, read about the campaign here and share your thoughts.


Bonnie said...

I can answer that, and I'm not pro-life.

Twenty years--that would be the amount of time the embryo would have had to reach adulthood. (This prison term would also never be accepted by the American people, unless and until we change our name to Gilead.)

I've seen this video before, and it's amazing the mental gymnastics these people do to avoid a straight answer. How can they not think through the end results of their position?

Because for them, the women don't even exist. They're just walking wombs and therefore don't enter into the equation. To say otherwise would be to admit they're dealing with real live human beings with rights.

ding said...

Because for them, the women don't even exist.

bonnie, i think that's your answer right there. they refuse to follow the question to its logical conclusion because it reveals the foundation of their thought - the invisibility of women.

it's intellectual cowardice.