Wednesday, September 10, 2008


so you think Obama will raise your taxes under his plan?
well, i don't want to call you misinformed but you might want to go here:

it's sort of neat.


georgiegirl said...

I tried it. In huge red print, it said my Obama tax cut would be about $486. In tiny black print, hidden in a paragraph, it mentioned that my McCain tax cut would be $952! It then gave me the option to email all of my friends, but the email would only include my Obama tax cut - I couldn't edit it to tell my friends that my McCain tax cut would be almost twice as much!

ding said...

For me, a single filer with no dependents and an adjusted gross income that's closest to 35K than to 50k, my Obama tax cut would be $481.06 compared to the $24.79 under McCain's plan.

This is what that paragraph said (which was pretty big, actually):
"This is $456.27 more than the $24.79 cut you will get from McCain.

These numbers come directly from calculations by the independent, non-partisan Tax Policy Center. They estimate that your taxes in 2009 will change by -$481.06 under Barack Obama and -$24.79 under John McCain. Click here to see the relevant table for your filing status. Tax cuts for Obama and McCain are calculated by adding the changes in income tax and corporate tax estimated by the Tax Policy Center."