Monday, August 18, 2008

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Jesse Jackson Sr Says Something Appropriate - Jack & Jill Politics

Proving that there is, indeed, something in the Kool Aid and all this talk about intergenerational conflict is on our minds, J&J have a post up that jibs pretty much with mine (not that it must but it's always nice to have ideas supported by others.)

Useful: examples of young whippersnappers making a difference:

So I disagree that the “old guard, new guard” distinction is unhealthy. I think it’s very healthy to talk about the quality of leadership we’ve been receiving from the likes of Jackson and Sharpton and challenge the media to look to a new generation of leaders that are emergent and highly relevant to the struggle of today — not yesterday. Generation X leaders like Van Jones, Majora Carter, Lennox Yearwood, Tavis Smiley, James Rucker & Andre Banks (google ‘em) for example — and yes, you and me y’all — have decided to roll up our sleeves and get in the game.

Please do Google them.

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