Thursday, April 03, 2008

asshat: wal mart

Learn More about the Shank Family

Who are the Shanks?
They're the unfortunates whose wife and mother was hit by a truck, suffering brain damage and now living handicapped as a result. They're the family who won a modest settlement from the truck company who crashed into her. They're the family whose injured mother just began to earn health benefits from her employer, Wal Mart (can you tell where this is going?), a few days before the disastrous accident.

They're also the family Wal Mart successfully sued last year to recoup healthcare expenses by going after the settlement the family was going to use to provide long term care for their mother.

Is Wal Mart aware that, sometimes, it's important to NOT be perceived as EVIL?


Laura said...

WalMart represents all that is soul-less and wrong.

Molly Malone said...

ahh. yet another reason i'm glad i don't shop there.

ding said...

I wonder if they actually have anyone in their PR department. It's clear that no one has the first idea of maintaining a good public relations image at all.

I mean, suing a crippled woman to recover their healthcare costs? What's the point of giving benefits to your employees, then, if you're just going to make them pay for it, anyway??

Frakking cruel bastards.

belledame222 said...