Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shocking, yet not really: the Spitzer thing

On the way home yesterday as we were listening to NPR run down the whole sordid Eliot Spitzer scandal, Roomie and I were wondering why public officials just can't keep it in their pants. Or, rather, why male public officials can't keep it in their pants. What is it about a lonely hotel room, solitary hours and public scrutiny that leads to really ill-advised phone calls to sex workers?

This profile seems to lay it all at the feet of being 'reckless.' Perhaps. Maybe it's the high pressure of being a guy with power. But weird how we don't see scandals about women in power getting caught in sexually compromising positions. Or maybe not so weird. Their scandals are about illegal nannies or covering up hubby's bad business practices or tax evasions. Interesting how women in power have scandals still linked to domestic disturbances while men in power seem to get in trouble for making public service a libidinal pleasure dome.


dirtyword.net said...
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ding said...

darn spam.

Songbird said...

I wonder if it isn't as much the thrill of having a thrill as the sex itself? It must take some kind of strategizing to arrange for an assignation when your life is so public.

ding said...

The whole thing is just nuts.
He spent thousands of dollars - thousands! For a little bit of strange on the side.


I'd think that being a public figure would turn me into a paranoid freak about *anything* that looked out of line.

I mean, prostitution is illegal! He should know better.

(And male pundits bleating about a 'victimless crime' should take a look at Spitzer's wife's face.)

Anonymous said...

She was HOTTT! The wife knew. What a fool!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

totally unrelated to this post, although i do believe that people abuse power, on that note, why are you so silent about the Obama/Pastor Jeremiah news?


ding said...

because i know nothing about it.

and i also hesitate to play the 'let's placate white people's fear of angry black people' thing.

ding said...

just me:
those are very good tips. we'll definitely be in siena for a day trip but the way the economics of this vacation are playing out, i think we'll have to be satisfied with eating and shopping as cheaply as possible - or just spending most of our time at the villa instead of bopping around tuscany and raiding some vineyards.

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