Thursday, April 12, 2007

one down.

CBS Fires Don Imus From Radio Show | Chicago Tribune

and earlier today, msnbc dumped the show.


Anonymous said...

It's all about $$$$. Imus has been on the air for how long making sexist and racist comments?

ding said...

IMO, every organization has to facilitate some kind of civilized internal culture for its workers. the imus incident showed cbs and msnbc the depths of their own employees' frustration and unhappiness with the culture their company was participating in, if not proliferating.

if one is uncomfortable talking about race or sexism (either because one is implicated in it or one just doesn't get it') there is still something to be said for encouraging the return of a civil discourse; demanding and enforcing civility can eliminate all sorts of bad behavior: racist, homophobic and sexist jokes, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc. personally, i don't care about changing hearts - but changing behavior is another matter. acting civilly is good for business, for worker welfare and corporate culture - and for everyone else, too.

isn't it a good thing for an organization and its employees to identify and eliminate those aspects of an internal culture that expose the organization to risk or bad performance or bad perception?

it's just good management.

(and if folks don't think the same, i wonder what kind of crap they put up with at their own offices where people like imus and mcguirk, who aren't rich and powerful, are allowed to proliferate.)