Friday, April 13, 2007

domestic friday

it's a quiet night.

roomie is off visiting her family and i'm prepping for a small dinner party tomorrow night. i've actually been chopping, mincing, grating, cubing, measuring and all sorts of culinary things. i've also decided that i need a mortar and pestle. we may have one in the kitchen but i'm too tired to go digging for it.

this is just one meal to be prepared. i honestly don't know how my mother made all those dinners for us without going completely bonkers.

my prep work is done - final errands tomorrow for wine, appetizers (hello, Trader Joe's!) and maybe a different flower arrangement. i tried to do a homemade one with mums, but it's just not fabulous enough.

speaking of food, over on my other blog, i linked to this and it's been real thought provoking.

(my number, incidentally, is 222.)


john patrick said...

You gotsta have a mortar and pestle. For cracking black pepper, at the very least. The difference is huge.

One of my favorite tricks is to buy stuff from Trader Joe's that just thaw. Cheesecake. Edamame. Cream puffs. Those fussy little quiches that bake for 20 minutes.

My snooty foodie friends are grateful. GRATEFUL! Because as lazy as it is to thaw stuff out, it's still better than those awful summer bbqs that people throw with costco pre-formed patties.

You know, I only have a limited number of party menus. The seafood boil, the fondue, the arrozcaldo, the bbq skewers. I should probably develop a roast chicken menu.

ding said...

love trader joes. i usually go the fancy cheese/wine route, but sometimes a stuffed mushroom is necessary. and who doesn't love puff pastry?

tonight's menu is beef biryani (which is in the slow cooker now), sauteed spinach with nutmeg and a red cabbage salad with lime juice and olive oil. so yummy.

someone's bringing a cake and that's about it!

i'm so glad i prepped last night. all i had to do this morning was brown the meat, saute the onions, throw in the spices and cook the rice. excellent. it leaves me the rest of the day to run some errands for tonight.

and you must have a roast chicken dish. your breakfasts are good, though!