Friday, February 02, 2007

a really good discussion: what are the risks of being anti-racist?

i really have to point out, again, the discussion over here, at Alas, a blog.

in the comment thread there is a fascinating sub-topic of what one risks when they decide to be anti-racist. i'd like to pose that here, in the face of the somewhat deafening silence from a larger white society when things like the Clemson ghetto party happens. (while also acknowledging the equally deafening silence from black folks when jesse jackson says totally problematic things like Hymietown.)

as a white person, what risk do you run when you decide to take an anti-racist stance - whether in the office when a coworker wants to know how many blacks it takes to screw in a lightbulb or in your family when someone complains about all the black people moving into the neighborhood?
as a person of color, what risk do you run when you decide to call someone out on their racism or bigotry? what risk do you run when it's another person of color you're calling out?

as nice progressives, what actual risks have we taken to be the nice progressives we think we are?

cuz if we aren't taking any risks, we aren't doing shit.


Molly Malone said...

for some reason, i didn't see this post between the molly ivins one and the scary pedophiles one.
i think this is an excellent topic and question. i totally want to comment, but i have to do two things first:
1) write some more on my thesis tonight for turn in
2) really mull over a response.
i'm hoping to get back to you by Thursday (generally when i have free time), because i do think this is an important topic.

ding said...

i look forward to it and hope other folks contribute, too.

(and good luck with the thesis!)