Sunday, December 24, 2006

merry merry

i'm off to visit the family on the west coast so i'll be posting sporadically, desperately behind my writing schedule.

have a wonderful holiday to all five of my readers!
love the ones you're with and be thankful you're with the ones you love.

see you soon, dad!



Molly Malone said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Mele Kalikimaka (sic)! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!

Blessings to you and Joy to the World!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...woman to woman could you please go visit Verlch and flag him...along with any friends you may have. He is now promoting rape as a right given to men by God and saying that it should not be a crime...I feel that this is way over the line and dangerous...blogger needs to know...thank you.

Wasp Jerky said...

Holiday season? Must you fan the flames of the War on Christmas™?

ding said...

ah, yes, the War on Christmas.
snort. i was in the airport christmas morning watching all the yuletide coverage and it was blazingly obvious that christmas is in no danger of becoming extinct.

not only is there massive capitalist interests to be preserved by this holiday, it's clear that our popular culture still only recognizes christmas and christians and forgets that there are other people in this country who celebrate other holidays during this time - there were no stories on hannukah, nothing on what hindus or muslims were doing at this time of year (except when saddam hussein's execution reminded everyone of hajira) and if you weren't religious at all? SOL, dude.

so, Christmas can fend for itself, you know?

ding said...


please don't make me read his insanity. i had enough of his crazy nutbaggery when he was posting comments over here and have no desire to wallow in the babblings of a guy who thinks sexual assault is a God-given right. automatically, any right thinking person of faith (or person, period) would and should disavow connection with anyone who thinks that.

V's increasingly violent responses to criticism here led me to believe that he's not...normal. should blogger be alerted that some guy thinks rape is ok? probably...crap. you're going to make me go over there.

sigh. i'll take a quick look if you email me his site address (please don't post it here - i don't want to give him any more traffic than he already has.)