Saturday, November 05, 2005

feminist epistemology: from a guy!!

Hugo Schwyzer is someone i read every so often. you'll find him on my blogroll but i have to admit that the number of Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) on his site sometimes makes me puke.

anyway, when we talk about patriarchy, i like to read what hugo has to say about it. for one, he's a guy and when a guy takes the time to acknowledge patriarchy and actually unpack it regularly, well i take notice.

you should take notice, too. his recent posts on the parker and dowd articles are good, especially when he talks about our culture's inability to cultivate men who have the language and depth to explore their emotional terrain. classic. (and quite academic.)


Gwen Stefani said...

i'm not sure if you noticed that i commented a bit more on your "off to church" after one of the feminist posts. you sparked some thought for me, which i appreciate, and i was just curious if it was alright with you to use some of your questions to continue a small dialogue on my xanga. I figure if i were to pose some of your Q's the least i could do was ask you first. . . are there blog manners? i wouldn't want someone to rip me off is all. thanks.

Mark said...

Gwen, as for blog "rules" - I generally link to the site (specific permalink) and quote "" the text from that site. even if it is a quote that has now spanned several weblogs... not sure if this is proper, but it feels like fair use to me.

ding, thanks for the link, for years I have been thinking about what to do in this area... look forward to checking out Hugo.

Best, Mark

ding said...

absolutely - feel free to link and discuss over at your space. i'll stop by and see what's what!